All is well at Creatividad Consulting at the end of March 2014.  It is always a balancing act to stay in control of all the different focusses and hats that I am wearing.  I had an interesting discussion today with a person who had to complete routine forms based on what my work entail and found it quite challenging to summarise what Creatividad Consulting does.  The variety of focusses currently in process in the office is quite diverse.

My morning started with the normal office administration and emails – things that need to be dealt with, but that does not really generate energy.

Then I continued with a desktop review report which I drafted already and worked on until 1:00am this morning that is due on Monday and had to be in quite a creative space to develop a visual process flow of an implemented programme.

My first appointment of the day was a mentoring session with a colleague where her creative analysis of newly developed processes assisted me to streamline reporting processes and shortened time required for staff every month to write reports.  This inspired me to develop a much more streamlined user-friendly reporting template to implement on Monday at the organisation’s next staff meeting.

While I was out of the office i received a few emails with resources to utilise in the development of a training manual that is simmering for a few days on my desk.  The link to these freely shared templates will assist me to finally finalize a 4th training manual for the month that I just could not get done.

When I got home I received a call to let me know my training manuals is ready for collection at the printers for the training that I project manage which starts on Monday.  As I enter the office an email came in with the invoice for the accommodation of the facilitator and after an EFT payment another 30 minutes are spent on emails and administrative matters.

Tonight I will assess a few Learner Workbooks of the Project Management Training I facilitated in the City, as I will be off to Cape Town tomorrow morning to pick up the training material and I will drop it off at the client’s offices to provide feedback to the learners.

All in a day’s work.  Crazy you might think?  Energy generating in my case! This is who Creatividad Consulting is…  This is how Creatividad Consulting functions at its (her) best!

For any assistance in projects, facilitation, accredited (or non-accredited) training, assessments or any kind of assistance you need, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I work in association with a variety of Sole Proprietors as specialists in their own field of expertise and collaborate where necessary.

Please do not hesitate to add colour to my tomorrow!

Liezl van der Westhuizen

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