Communication – Fundamentals L3

The following 4 Unit Standard Outcomes are included in 1 easy to follow Learner Guide: US 110023, US 119465, US 119467 & US 119472.

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The following outcomes are covered in these 4 Unit Standards:

US 110023 Reports

SO 1: Relate the purpose, content, form, frequency and recipients of a range of reports

SO2: Identify information sources & organisational procedures for obtaining & distributing information

SO3: Compile reports related to a selected business function

SO4: Liase with relevant parties and verify that reported information is in accordance with requirements


US 119465

SO1: Write/sign for a specified audience and purpose

SO2: Use language structures and features to produce coherent and cohesive texts for a wide range of contexts

SO3: Draft own writing/signing and edit to improve clarity and correctness


US 119467 Occupational Learning Programmes

SO1: Access and use available learning resources

SO2: Use learning strategies

SO3: Manage occupational learning materials

SO4: Conduct basic research and analyse and present findings

SO5: Function in a team

SO6: Reflect on how characteristics of the workplace and occupational context affect learning


US 119472 Accommodate audience and context needs

SO1: Interact successfully in oral/signed communication

SO2: Use strategies that capture and retain the interest of an audience

SO3: Identify and respond to manipulative use of language


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