Numeracy – Fundamentals L3

The following 5 Unit Standard Outcomes are included in 1 easy to follow Learner Guide: US 7456, US 9010, US 9012, US 9013 & US 252435.

numeracy.jpgTo purchase this manual for self-study (non-accredited), place your order at Once payment is received, the manual will be couriered to your South African address within 10 working days.  Price R2,665.50 excl VAT.

Should you wish to complete the Workbook and submit it for assessment (credit bearing), an additional fee of R1,650 excl VAT is payable.

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The following outcomes are covered in these 5 Unit Standards:

US 7456 financial aspects of personal, business and national issues

SO1: Use mathematics to plan and control personal, regional and/or national budgets and income and expend

SO2: Use simple and compound interest to make sense of and define a variety of situations

SO3: Use mathematics to debate aspects of the national economy


US 9010 Number Bases & Measurement Units

SO1: Convert numbers between the decimal number system and the binary number system

SO2: Work with numbers in different ways to express size and magnitude

SO3: Demonstrate the effect of error in calculations


US 9012 Investigate Life & Work Related Problems

SO1: Pose questions, collect and organise data

SO2: Represent, analyse and interpret data using various techniques

SO3: Use random events to explore and apply, probability concepts in simple life


US 9013  2-and 3-Dimensional Space

SO1: Measure, estimate, and calculate physical quantities in practical situations

SO2: Explore, describe and represent, interpret and justify geometrical relationships and conjectures


US 252435 Basic Invoicing & Accounting Principles

SO1: Explain items of expenditure and revenue

SO2: Explain fixed and variable costs

SO3: Perform invoicing operations and post amounts to the appropriate accounts

SO4: Reconcile and identify individual transactions with statements of accounts

SO5: Identify and disburse the items on behalf of the organisation to be recovered in the invoicing process

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