Our Covid-19 Support to our Clients

Our Covid-19 Support to our Clients

At Creatividad we realized that training and skills development changed dramatically since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic earlier in 2020. We offered all our 200+ training topics at 70% discounted prices for self-study and not-for-credits. At the start of the lockdown, the SETAs were still considering an appropriate and safe way to move forward within the sector with the safety of people and the integrity of credit-bearing education equally important.

We hold the health and safety of our clients as a priority, but we want to offer you the development and support you need. Within our new world of reality, we want to continue offering you our training topics at the same discounted price and context.

As the different SETAs provide clearer guidance and as we go through our due diligence processes to develop our online platforms for approval, we will add notifications on our website to inform you of our online accredited training options as it becomes available.

We need new skills to navigate our own personal, professional and business development within a new reality. Please connect with us with your specific needs and / or suggestions, as we always strive to provide creative solutions to our clients.

How can we Support you?

We offer workshops on readiness of your workplace to open after the lockdown. Connect with us for more information.

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