Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions

Creatividad strives to offer quality products and services to our clients. Should you not be satisfied with our service, please connect us to discuss how we can improve. Our Terms and Conditions are as follow:

Please note that our training manuals are sold in PDF format and sent via email. Although this is based on accredited content with the specific SETA, this discounted offer does not imply accredited training, assessment, certification, and credits is included. Should you wish to complete this topic as credit-bearing, please request a quotation from director@creatividad.co.za.

All our digital products purchased from our online shop cannot be refunded, as it is distributed electronically. Once you’ve made payment and received the digital product, it cannot be sent back without compromising access to the product. Should you feel the need to discuss this, please connect with us.

All our material is protected by a Copyrights Agreement with the IP holding Developers and may not be copied and distributed in any form and may only be used by the purchaser for personal development purposes.

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