CREATIVIDAD keeps their full-time staff component limited.  Service Level Agreements are in place with a number of freelance facilitators, consultants, project managers and other Subject Matter Experts to be available to contribute to projects per project and in accordance to their specific match to the needs of the contract client.  Through this model CREATIVIDAD is always ensured to secure the most appropriate role-players and experts for each specific project to fulfil in the specific requirements.

Director:  Liezl van der Westhuizen

Founder and Director, Liezl van der Westhuizen, has 20+ year experience within the training sector – both Higher Education and Further Education – FBO, HET, FET, NGO, Civil Society, Local Government as well as the Private Sector. She offers mentoring and coaching, project management, strategic problem solving, and critical and creative thinking to organisations, corporate companies and individuals.

Since 2013, Liezl focuses on assisting organisations in processes to identify needed change, to plan for change and to facilitate planned change.  Mentorship are offered on internal staff matters, how to report to donors with their funders’ aims in mind, how to strategically plan for better programme implementation, to consider accreditation routes within the SETA sector and how to effectively market their services and products to their client constituency.

Liezl specialise in project management within the Training and NGO sector, SDF work for NGOs as well as facilitation of high level involvement consultative training sessions.  She offers a fresh approach to processes and assist organisations and teams to connect the dots and break open new ways of functioning.

Creatividad would like to acknowledge Tass Schwab and Steven Louw as value adding associates contributing to some of Creatividad’s current projects.

Training Material Specialist:  Tass Schwab

Tass has worked within the FET College Industry since 1999 as HOD’s in various departments for the Damelin College group. She is also an Assessor and Facilitator across a wide range of topics. She holds a number of Certifications and Diplomas that are relevant to the Industry.

She was offered a position in 2005, as Head of Quality assurance at a now defunct distance Learning College and headed up their Training Material development division. Her experience was expanded when she was offered a position as Skills Development Material HOD at Compuscan within their Training Division. Her experience in creating and developing as well as facilitating took her across the African continent with advising and facilitating Training Material that she created with their technical division. She has been running her own Consultancy since 2012 in her capacity as a Training Material Specialist in various Industries. (Educore, Gemini Training, Edgars amongst many). She is well known within the Skills Development industry as someone who works with high ethics. Tass offers:

  • Quality Evaluations for Training Material
  • Creation of Training Material
  • Training New Material Developers
  • Advise to New Service Providers
  • Has a Hub of developers to draw on for off the shelf material

Skills Training Specialist: Steven Louw

Steven initiated “The Skills Network” to promote collaboration in supporting the development of the potential in all. Steven is a Master Skills Development Practitioner, sits on the Premiers Skills Forum, and also has many years’ experience in curriculum design and qualification development, as well as the implementation and management of learning programmes.

The Skills Network (TSN) assists in cognitive skills development, using adaptations of Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment, and also conducts English Language Standard Assessment and the development of participants from Adult Education Level, through learnerships and other programmes, up to Masters level. TSN offers organisational strategy and implementation services, often in partnership with other experts, and is a black-female owned SMME.

Steven offers learner and training provider coaching, mentoring and support and also has a strong background in the disability sector. He is active in a range of NGOs and in the Good Active Citizenry sector. He is a Qualification Development Facilitator and is currently preparing to become an associate lecturer of Stanford University in the areas of Foresight, Innovation and Leadership.

Managing Director – Creative Start:  Heidi Africa


Heidi embodies entrepreneurship. She offers the consistency and due diligence needed to engage with entrepreneurs, identify opportunities and follow through on initiatives. Her own entrepreneurial spirit inspires and sets the example of endurance and reward. Heidi navigated the skills development journey of beneficiaries of an incubator project with the purpose to offer a new economic future for women coming from a domestic violence background. Assisting them not only with skills training, but also mentoring them through a job readiness capacity building programme.