CREATIVIDAD CONSULTING’s Founder and Director, Liezl van der Westhuizen, has 20+ year experience within the training sector – both Higher Education and Further Education – FBO, HET, FET, NGO, Civil Society, Local Government as well as the Private Sector. CREATIVIDAD offers mentoring and coaching, project management, strategic problem solving, and critical and creative thinking to organisations, corporate companies and individuals.

Since 2013, CREATIVIDAD focuses on assisting organisations in processes to identify needed change, to plan for change and to facilitate planned change.  Mentorship are offered on internal staff matters, how to report to donors with their funders’ aims in mind, how to strategically plan for better programme implementation, to consider accreditation routes within the SETA sector and how to effectively market their services and products to their client constituency.

CREATIVIDAD offers curriculum, material and reporting tools developing solutions, including the development of monitoring and evaluation reporting tools and templates; the development of Standard Operating Procedures and SAQA Unit Standard aligned curriculum or custom made training manuals.

CREATIVIDAD keeps their full-time staff component limited.  Service Level Agreements are in place with a number of freelance facilitators, consultants, project managers and other Subject Matter Experts to be available to contribute to projects per project and in accordance to their specific match to the needs of the contract client.  Through this model CREATIVIDAD is always ensured to secure the most appropriate role-players and experts for each specific project to fulfil in the specific requirements.