Accredited Training

Creatividad Academy is an Accredited Private Further Education and Training College (FET) currently offering 19 full Qualifications registered on SAQA with accreditation from 5 SETAs.

With our Primary Accreditation from HWSETA (HW592PAA0000096), we offer:

We offer 9 full qualifications through our Services SETA Accreditation (13528) – each can be trained as Full Qualifications, Skills Programmes or Single Unit Standards:

Through our PSETA Accreditation (P21/0618/WC884) we offer Public Administration on 3 NQF levels:

Our MICT SETA Accreditation (LPA/00/2018/01/0001) currently includes:

Our ETDP SETA Accreditation (ETDPS011385) includes:

Training Offerings

All our offerings can either be trained as a full qualification or per module consisting of different Unit Standards combined.

Through Creatividad’s current scope, we offer everybody a career path option – moving from NQF Level 1 to NQF level 5. The following could be a typical 5 year (or less) career path planning for an individual with an AET Level 3 comprehension of Language and Maths Literacy:

As our clients evolve, we evolve by adding new qualifications to our scope every year. Creatividad currently has Extension of Scope applications for 4 new qualifications and with 1 new SETA in the process to be evaluated. In is in our medium-term planning to move into QCTO Occupational Qualifications in 2021. Visit our Website regularly to find all updates available as it gets approved.

Creatividad Accreditatons