Training Material

Creatividad Consulting offers a hub for both our clients as well as highly respected material developers.  We receive requests daily for accreditation ready, off the shelf learning material from established training providers as well as for accreditation purposes for prospective new providers.

We pride ourselves that our Service Level Agreement signed between the developer and the purchasing client, offers the client assurance that the developer will correct material should a SETA Evaluator’s report indicate any gaps within the material.

We are very selective in our representation of developers’ material we offer our clients, but still offer material represented within all SETAs.  Some of our developers also have newly compiled material in line with QCTO qualifications, or can develop material on request.

Not only do we offer accreditation ready curriculum, we associate with a couple of experienced developers who are known for high quality custom made material development.  Should you therefore require workshop material, soft skills or any popular topical material to be developed or customised to fit within your specific context or address a specific need, please contact us on to discuss your specific needs.

Creatividad Consulting cc associates with Tass Schwab who joined the team in 2016 as our Training Materials Expert. She has over 15 years of experience in this field and is adding value through Training Material Acquisition and continue providing Consultation in her own capacity with us as a Team Member.

Contact Tass Schwab at with your material needs.


PLEASE NOTE that Creatividad does not own any material and simply act as an agent for material developers and /IP holders. An SLA will therefore be signed between yourself a d the developer. It is your responsibility to request samples of the material to ensure you can assess the quality yourself. Off the shelf material is custom made for the purchaser, but comply to minimum requirements for accreditation purposes. Pkease discuss these important notes with us prior to purchase.

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