Apply the Principles of Sport Coaching


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Welcome to learning about Applying the Principles of Sports Coaching.Think about your expectations for this training programme.Think about your feelings about being here.Consider what it is that you would like to achieve over this period.Think about the expectations your organisation may have for your attendance.Think about what it is that you would like to walk away from this training programme with in terms of information, knowledge and skills.Training programmes by their very nature are designed to accommodate a number of people. This means that while every individual enters into a training programme with his/her own unique and specific needs and expectations, it is impossible for a single programme or single facilitation to meet all your individual needs.In your answers here, try and express generic needs that you think may be applicable to all professionals as well as your own personal needs and expectations. Such a blending of expectations can assist you in adapting what you learn in this programme to meet your own explicit needs.