Entrepreneurship (US 119673)

R 217.39 VAT Inclusive

Learners working towards this standard (119673) will be learning towards the full qualification, or will be working within a SMME (Small, Medium, Micro Enterprise) environment, specialising in New Venture Ownership and Management, where the acquisition of competence against this standard will add value to one’s job. This standard will also add value to entrepreneurs who are seeking to develop their entrepreneurial skills so that they can become more marketable for bigger contracts, including commercial and public sector contracts, for example, the Department of Public Works programmes.


The qualifying learner is capable of:

  • Describing and discussing entrepreneurship.
  • Identifying own entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses in relation to opportunity identified.
  • Identifying the characteristics of a typical entrepreneur.
  • Identifying entrepreneurial opportunities in own context.
  • Compiling entrepreneurial goal and personal growth plan.


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