Work Skills Plan (WSP) Submission – 16 Up to 50 staff

R 13,660.00 VAT Inclusive

Every company is either paying Skills Levies to SARS or are exempt from paying it.

If you are a levy-paying company, by submitting a Work Skills Plan (WSP) every year before 30 April, you will receive a mandatory grant payback of 20% (currently) of the 1% remuneration total you paid to SARS in skills levies.

If you are levy exempt, you may apply for annual Expressions of Interests published by the SETAs as Discretionary Grants paid to levy-exempt companies/organisations. To qualify for this grant, you need to submit a WSP beroe 30 April every year with the SETA where you are registered as an employer company.

These processes can easily be outsourced to Creatividad to submit your WSP in April each year. Our process is thorough and because there is a fixed deadline set by the SETAs, please book in advance to prevent disappointment no later than the 1st of April – earlier if possible.



Work Skills Plan – WSP

To submit your company/organisation’s annual WSP, Training Report, and Training Plan can be very stressful and time-consuming. Creatividad can lighten this tasks from your internal team by offering a 2-month process (March & April) to complete your company/organisation’s Training Report (ATR), WSP, and Training Plan on your behalf.

With this Light Weight package, we cater for the smaller companies/organisations with 10 or less staff. Your company/organisation might be small, but we still offer the full package of focused activities to ensure an engaging experience to your staff as well as management.


Our activities spread over a 2-month period include the following:

  • Initial consultation session as an introduction – on-site or on Zoom/Skype
  • Desktop activity to get to know your company/organisation – documents required include but is not limited to: company profile with organogram, job descriptions, and contracts of each staff, latest performance appraisal documents of all staff (if applicable)
  • Training Committee consultation (if applicable) as well as an interview with the CEO and manager(s) of each department (if applicable)
  • Individual staff interviews – please note that these interviews might be in person, through an online Zoom/Skype session or in the form of a self-administered questionnaire completed by each staff member.
  • WSP functions (mostly off-site) – including a mini Staff Skills Audit, paper-based Training Needs Analysis, Development of Training Plan draft based on these activities for approval by management or the training committee (if applicable)
  • Online upload of your company/organisation’s WSP, ATR, and Planned Training
  • Confirmation notification with a copy of WSP submitted emailed to your company/organisation’s representative
  • Social Media Mention (on Creatividad platforms) – promoting b2b recommendation

Once you’ve booked this WSP Submission support package, please email us at to set up an initial consultation session to introduce myself to you and your organisation/company to me.

Ts & Cs:

  • Although we take control of the entire process, please note that you will still need to participate in the information gathering and decision-making process. We can only include information if you provide it.
  • Currently, on-site services are available in Cape Town and surrounding areas (travel cost excluded for areas outside 50km radius of Cape Town CBD). For other areas, Zoom/Skype support is available instead of on-site.
  • This is a timeous process with a fixed deadline. To prevent disappointment, please book in advance, but no later than April the 1st. Urgent/late bookings will include a 20% increase on top of this package fee.
  • Additional hours can be added for off-site support at R450 per hour or on-site at R550 per hours
  • Capacity-building support does not include credit-bearing training
  • Printing costs not included and for your account – if applicable



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