The following list indicates Creatividad Projects since 2013, as well as sector involvement prior to 2013:

·         Project Management Lecture on bahalf of Future Performance – WorldWide Solutions USA for Kenyan Government Officials (Salt River, 29 June 2016)

·         Accreditation Process Assistance for Mac Brothers to be registered as Training Provider with FOODBEV SETA (2016)

·         USAID Proposal Development Workshop – Technical Skills Training to respond to RFPs for 20+ NGOs on behalf of USAID (Pretoria, 3 May 2016)

·         Capacity Building in Fundraising (FAMSA Worcester, Worcester DeLaBat Congregation and HOSPIVISION in Cape Town, 2016)

 ·         Conduct Outcomes Based Assessor Training SAQA US 115759, 15 Credits, NGF Level 5 (Think360, Century City, April 2016)

·         Facilitate FETC 57712 Generic Management (Multiknit, Cape Town, 2016 – 2017)

·         Initiate & Assisting with Fundraising event with support of KFM Breakfast and PRIMEDIA (Mosaic, Wynberg, 2015/2016)

·         Child & Youth Care Work Skills Programme Facilitation & Assessment (at Baphumelele Children’s Centre, Khayelitsha, January – March 2016)

·         Mentoring &/ Coaching / Consulting of Training Providers (Institute for Disability Innovation, Carnavon, 2015/2016; Mosaic, Wynberg, 2015 / 2016; FAMSA, Worcester, 2016; Baphumelele, Khayelitsha, 2016)

·         Managing SETA accreditation process for NGO to qualify as Training Provider with the HWSETA (Mosaic, Wynberg, South Africa, 2015)

·         Skills Development, Training Venue Marketing & Management & WSP completion (Mosaic, Wynberg, South Africa, October 2015 to current)

·         Monitoring & Evaluations Manager and Coaching (Inclusive and Affirming Ministries, Durbanville, 2014 – 2016)

·         Facilitate Accredited Training in Assessor & Moderation for Energy Training Foundation in Potchefstroom – Conduct Outcomes Based Assessment, SAQA US 115753, NQF Level 5, 15 Credits , 5 Days training & Moderate Outcomes Based Assessments, NQF Level 6, 10 Credits, 3 Days training, SAQA US 115759 (August 2015)

·         MS Projects Professional Training Manual Development for Let’s Do IT! (August 2015)

 ·         Project Manage ICDL Training for Roynardt Ltd in 4 Provinces. (June – August 2015)

·         ICDL Facilitation Training for Roynardt Ltd in Gaborone, Botswana. (July 2015)

 ·         Facilitate accredited training:  Conduct Outcomes Based Assessment, SAQA US 115753, NQF Level 5, 15 Credits.  (Cape Town, South Africa – March 2015, October 2015, December 2015 – Cape Town)

 ·         Workplace Training:  Workplace Training & Assessment for SAQA 61755 Business Practice Level 1  – March 2015;  Facilitator Training (US 117871) & Accredited Assessor Training (US 115753) – March 2015 (Signa Academy – Cape Town Branch – From February 2015)

·         Project manage and facilitation of Excel Dashboard Reporting Training (on behald of Mapux Training Solutions, Johannesburg – November 2014)

·         Work session facilitation to address Facilitator challenges within accredited FET training environment (Signa Training, Bellville, South Africa – October 2014)

·         Facilitate accredited training:  Conduct Outcomes Based Assessment, SAQA US 115753, NQF Level 5, 15 Credits.  (Cape Town, South Africa – September 2014)

·         Developing a Community Monitoring and Advocacy training module, monitoring tools and materials, to resource community organisations to monitor, analyse and engage in advocacy for improvements and reform in service delivery, particularly in relation to the Black Sash “Hands off our Grants Campaign”. (Black Sash, Cape Town, South Africa – September 2014)

  • Curriculum design and training material development  for a rights-based Popular Paralegal Training Course to improve the capacity of community organisations in the Boland to resource, advise and educate their constituencies, monitor and analyse their environment, and engage in advocacy that would realise human rights and improve the quality of life of farm workers and dwellers and migrant labourers in their community (Black Sash, Cape Town, South Africa – July & August 2014)
  • Development of a comprehensive Mother-Baby-Pair-Tracking Standard Operating Procedures Referral Manual for the mothers2mothers MBPT Project 2014 (mothers2mothers, Cape Town, South Africa – March to June 2014)
  • Training Material Development:  SAQA ID 61591 National Certificate: Information Technology: End User Computing since 2013 (Let’s Do It!, Melkbosstrand, South Africa)
  • Project Scheduling & Project Management (Continuing Education for Africa, Wellington, South Africa, 2013)
  • Strategic Planning & Programme Evaluation (Inclusive and Affirming Ministries, Cape Town, South Africa, May – December 2013)
  • Facilitator:  Level 4 SAQA Qualification Nr 50080 – Project Management (Central Business Academy, Bloemfontein, South Africa – Client:  Shell, Cape Town, South Africa, 2014)
  • Facilitator Level 1 SAQA US 9357 Develop & use keyboard skills to enter text; SAQA US 116940 Excel Intermediate Skills. (Central Business Academy, Bloemfontein, South Africa – Client:  Charisma, Cape Town, South Africa, 2014)

Develop Standard Operating Procedures and assist with strategic staff restructuring (Wellness Foundation, Observatory, South Africa, 2012)
NACOSA, Cape Town, South Africa September 2012 – September 2013
Designation: M & E Manager
• I functioned as the M & E Manager for NACOSA within the Global Fund Round 9 Grant project as well as in the initiation phase of the Orphaned and Vulnerable Project funded by the USAID.
• As the M & E Manager, I was responsible for the development and oversight of organisational M & E policy and procedures. It was my duty to facilitate the approval of such procedures by the Executive Director and Executive Committee.
• In terms of M & E system development and management, I was responsible for participating in NACOSA strategic planning sessions. The annual operational M & E Plan for NACOSA was developed, and the annual M & E Framework for NACOSA was developed and continuously reviewed.
• Programmatic indicators to measure output and impact of programmes were compiled and annual targets were set together with ED/PM, Provincial Managers and M & E Officers.
• I was required to develop an appropriate M & E system which facilitates the implementation and management of the M & E Plan, and generated information for programme evaluation and reporting protocols. This included the description of all the information that was monitored by and within NACOSA, a Data and Information Collection System, an effective electronic database, an effective data review system, and a M & E source documents storage and retrieval system.
• I assisted with the M & E budgeting process and monitored and reported on M & E expenditure.
• NACOSA’s M & E programme was effectively implemented in alignment with the operational plan and budget.

• My portfolio included data collection, analysis and reporting. I ensured the collection of all data required to monitor and evaluate NACOSA’s goals, objectives and implementation activities, including those of NACOSA grantees.
• I performed and managed data verification for all NACOSA programmes, including announced and unannounced site visits. It was my duty to monitor consistency of on-site data verification visits to NACOSA sub-recipients by M & E or Programme Officers. It was necessary for me to address any evident shortcomings.
• In addition to reviewing M & E reports submitted by provincial or line managers, I documented all work and maintained complete and accurate paper and electronic files.
• It was required of me to improve data quality and integrity, and to align it with management, donor or other stakeholder reporting requirements.
• Data was analysed and interpreted to facilitate meaningful consideration of progress and impact of programme objectives, service delivery areas and activities.
• It was required of me to inform management and all internal or external stakeholders about programme progress and impact through reports as required.

• My areas of accountability included human resources support and M & E quality assurance. I supported the Executive Director and HR Generalist in the recruitment and induction of new Capacity Building Department staff, and I ensured that all NACOSA staff, particularly the M & E Officers, was skilled to perform their functions within the organisation.
• I ensured operational excellence and quality of M & E service delivery in NACOSA, and I supported the Executive Director and Business Developer in fundraising for the organisation.
• My position contributed to the identification of research opportunities, the development of research protocols, oversight of data capture for research projects, and the write up of findings for publication.

• I participated in the development of the Theory of Change for the Orphaned and Vulnerable Children programme funded by the USAID, of which I was the M & E Manager.
• I developed Terms of References for research projects and baseline studies, and project managed the implementation of these projects.
• I developed and piloted recording and reporting tools – developed mainly in MS Excel for internal use as well as by our national offices in 6 provinces and 30 NGO partners delivering service implementation to the project.
NACOSA, South Africa June 2012 – August 2012
Designation: Senior Training Officer: Cape Town
• As the Senior Training Officer, I was required to provide effective capacity building (training) to HIV and AIDS CBO’s and NGO’s with specific focus on Global Fund.
• My key performance areas included effective planning, training coordination and preparation, and the management of effective communication, flow of information, and reporting.

• I developed, updated and aligned identified unit standards of training material based on SAQA guidelines.
• I facilitated the training of learning programmes.

• In addition to conducting assessments of learning outcomes, I was responsible for monitoring and evaluation, certification, and record keeping.
• I provided accreditation support, coordinated the implementation of identified projects in the Global Fund Training Plan, handled administration, and focused on organisational ethos and personal development.
Private FET College: Continuing Education for Africa (CEFA), Wellington, South Africa 2007 – May 2012
Designation: Operations Manager
• The primary purpose of the Department of Operations was to guide and direct all activities within the company. The purpose of this position was to manage the achievement of company objectives by planning, managing and coordinating all the course offerings of the company. I was responsible for the management of all company programmes, the coordination of curriculum development, marketing, networking, and the generation of new business and new training programmes.
• Areas of accountability included the assessment and management of training delivery time-frames for all the courses, and the coordination of operations.
• I coordinated and managed services and products with all company coordinators, and reviewed and prepared reports and recommendations regarding operations of the company to the office of the CEO.
• I was required to assure the development and issuance of systems, policy, materials, service delivery and quality control.

• My portfolio included skills programmes development, the development of unit standard based training material, and project coordination.

• Tasks included networking with other related organizations, website administration, technical report writing, crisis and staff management, problem solving, and strategic management.
Huguenot College, Wellington, South Africa 2007 – 2009
Designation: Lecturer: Community Development
• During this period, I specialised in the training of life skills, skills development and integration of theory and praxis.
• Tasks included lecturing modules on project management, community participation, administration and intervention, community development strategies, and group work.
• I mentored students in personal and professional development, planned and presented workshops, and facilitated learning and processes.
• In addition, I was responsible for my own planning, administration and compilation of PowerPoint presentations for lecturing and presentations.
UMOJA Development, Cape Town South Africa 2006
Designation: Project Manager
• As the Project Manager, I was responsible for administration and the management of projects. This included coordination, mentoring, facilitation and evaluation.
• Tasks included budgeting, capacity building of interest groups, networking, project management, and marketing.
• In addition to research, I conducted infrastructure audits for schools in the Western Cape, and ward profiling of the West Coast District Municipality as a Research Coordinator.
Witzenberg Municipality, Ceres, South Africa 2005
Designation: Local Economic Development (LED) Officer, Assessor – LED Learners, and Mentor – Community Development Practitioners
• During this period, I was responsible for the management and implementation of the Witzenberg LED strategic planning, and the municipal economic and SMME support programmes.
• Tasks included management planning and policymaking, budgeting, and the provision of advice to the municipal manager concerning LED affairs.
• I investigated the viability of projects, delegated responsibilities from the municipal manager, and compiled business plans and project proposals.
• I provided administrative support to community LED forums and agencies, and I was responsible for the capacity building of interest groups.
• It was my duty to represent the municipality on LED forums, whilst providing administrative support and the mentoring of skills development programmes.
• Financial investment was promoted through local, national and international investors, and the local economy was maintained through infrastructure and technical support.
• Areas of accountability included networking, project management, marketing, and research.
• During the Witzenberg LED Summit, I provided practical support in organizing the summit with Premier Rasool as speaker, and I coordinated the workshop concerning the Witzenberg Tourism and Culture Centre.
UBUNTU Youth Capacity Building, Ceres, South Africa 2005
Designation: Youth and Community Developer
• My duties included pastoral care, strategic planning, supervision, and project management.
• In addition to initiating community projects, I was responsible for networking, local economic development, and spiritual programmes.
• Areas of accountability included marketing, research, youth programmes (capacity building), and training workshops.
Huguenot College, Wellington, South Africa 2001 – 2005
Designation: Lecturer: Youth Development and Practical Theology
• During this period, I specialised in the training of life skills, skills development and the integration of theory and praxis.
• I lectured modules on leadership, management and volunteers, and I mentored students in personal and professional development.
• I gained experience in planning and presenting workshops, learning facilitation, process facilitation, and the circulation of module contents with SAQA standards.
• Tasks included the group and individual supervision of students on practical and skills development, the marketing of youth work as a profession, and effective networking with other related organizations.
• In addition, I compiled relevant articles yearly for ‘Die Kerkbode’.
RAMOT, Parow, South Africa 2000
Designation: Personal Assistant

Dutch Reformed Church, De Tyger, Parow, South Africa 1999 – 2000
Designation: Youth Worker

Dutch Reformed Church, Miederpark, Potchefstroom, South Africa 1998
Designation: Youth Worker

Dutch Reformed Church, Bergsig, George, South Africa 1995 – 1997
Designation: Youth Worker

Dutch Reformed Church, Sectionpark, Springs, South Africa August 1997 – November 1997
Designation: Research and Training Consultant

SAAWC George, South Africa 1991
Designation: Corporal in the South African Army Woman’s College

Educational and Career Development
Art of Facilitation Training, RED Learning Solutions, Durbanville, 2015 (US 117871)
SDF Training, Edutel, Bellville, 2015 (POE Assessment Pending)

Project Management, USB Business School, 2011
Scheduling Projects (MS Projects 2010), USB Business School, 2011

MS Excel & MS Projects, Horizons, Cape Town, 2010
Health and Safety Representative (SAQA US 259622), 2010

Moderator: Africa Competency Development, 2009
Business Advertising, ZA Training, 2009
Assessor of the HW SETA of South Africa, 2005 (Re-registered in 2009)
Train the Trainer for the National Youth Service Orientation Programme, Umsobomvu Youth Fund, 2006
Workplace Assessor, LG SETA 2005
Module in Human Capacity Development – Psychology Module Level 3, University of South Africa, 2004

Masters Degree, (Youth Work) – MDiac, University of South Africa, 2002 – 2003
Title of Thesis: An inquiry into the sustainability of youth ministry as profession in the Dutch Reformed Church.

Level 1 First Aid, 2003
Veritas Facilitators Course in Bible Interpretation, Veritas College, Stellenbosch, 2003
Facilitators Course in Evangelism, Prof Malan Nel, 2003
Adventure Instructor and Facilitator Training, BAVSA, 2002
Course in Student Supervision, Dr. L. Engelbrecht, 2001
Facilitator’s Course and Workshop, University of South Africa, 1997
Lifelong Learning Course, Huguenot College Wellington, 1997
Honours Degree, (Youth Work) – BDiac Honours, University of South Africa, 1997
Love Southern Africa Conferences, VCSV, 1995 and 1996

Winter School – Lifelong Training, Centre for Youth Ministry and Huguenot College, Wellington, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 & 1997

Pastoral Care in Changing Times, SAAP, Tygerberg Hospital, 1994

Leadership Seminar in Conflict Resolution, Facilitation and Leadership Development, Theological Faculty, University of Stellenbosch, 1994

Adventure Level 1 Training in Experience Learning, Cape Adventure Training and Recreation Centre, Oudtshoorn, 1994
Walk Thru The Old Testament, Huguenot College, Wellington, 1992
Baccalaureus Degree, (Youth Work) – BDiac, University of South Africa, 1992 – 1994
Self-Defence Course, SA Army Women’s College, George, 1991
Head Prefect Seminar, Namakwaland, 1990

Matric, Citrusdal High Citrusdal, South Africa, 1990
Subjects included Afrikaans, English, Biology, History, Business Economics and Mathematics
• Head Girl: School & Hostel, 1990
• Head Girl, Lambertsbay Intermediate School, 1987

Research Programmes
• How To Balance Youth Ministry (Robertson, Onrus, Ceres: 2005 and 2006)
• Training Volunteers In Different Learning Styles And Experiential Learning Techniques (Lutzville, Ceres: 2006)
• Leadership Development Training For Regional Youth Leaders In The Western Cape (VGK 2005)
• Facilitate A Regional Discussion In Rethinking The Confirmation Ritual of The Dutch Reformed Church in George and Knysna (August 2004)
• Congregational Youth Ministry Facilitation Weekend (Moorreesburg, July 2004)
• Communicating To The Youth Today (Youth Workers Forum Pretoria, September 2003)
• Strategic Planning and Organizing In The Youth Work Context (Youth Workers Forum Pretoria, June 2003).
• Training Volunteers (Rondekerk Secunda, January and February 2003)
• Different consultation meetings with congregations in the processes of new full time youth work positions (2001 – 2005)
Voluntary Working Experience
• Voluntary work in Morocco at a foster home, 2000 & 2001
• Camp for matriculates (Heroldsbaai), 1996
• CCSA small group facilitator (Bainskloof & Strandfontein), 1989 – 1993
• Holiday service (Lambert’s Bay, Ceres, Southern- and Western Cape Tours), 1989 – 1995
• Cycle Tour (Wellington to Port Elizabeth), 1994
• Hostel and Sport Committee (Huguenot College), 1993 – 1994
• Kánon Vocal Group: Leader, guitarist and mentor (Huguenot College), 1992 – 1994

Professional Memberships
• Registration with Project Management South Africa (PMSA) since 2011 – Member number 17385050

• Board Member: Inclusive and Affirming Ministries, 2009 – 2011
• Chairperson of the National Youth Workers Association of the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa, 2003 – 2005
• Member of the International Academic Association for Youth Ministry (IASYM), 2003 – 2005
• Chair of the General Youth Commission of the Dutch Reformed Church, 2003 – 2004
• Member of the Western Cape Synod Youth Commission of the Dutch Reformed Church, 2002 – 2004
• Involved in the BUVTON Family Research Group, 2001 – 2004

Computer Literacy
Microsoft Office Package, SPSS Research Program, XP Professional, Windows, Microsoft Outlook, Internet, MS Project 2013, Website Administration

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