“Continuous commitment and passion for their clients” 2019

In a country, where social divide and prejudice are still commonplace, it is a pleasure to be associated with a business like Creatividad. Not just a business but a space to learn to network and grow.

I started my association with Creatividad three years ago when I enrolled for the Outcome-Based Assessor Training. Even though this was a financially challenging time for me, Creatividad was willing to accommodate me and offered a payment arrangement. Liezl, director of Creatividad, assured me that everything was in order and that there was no need for me to miss out on this opportunity to further equip myself. This was just another demonstration of their commitment to ensuring that every client has equal opportunity.

This was not the end of Creatividad’s commitment to helping me with my professional advancement. With a clear understanding of my areas of experience and strength, Creatividad recommended me for a position with one of their business clients. This is Creatividad’s continuous commitment and passion for their clients.

Creatividad has helped me realize the skills and abilities that I otherwise would have overlooked or dismissed. They have encouraged me to be a forward thinker and to pursue my goals. They believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. This is not just a business, it’s a family.

I wish Creatividad all the best with their future aspirations. I know that their growth also ensures the growth of others.