Future-Fit Creatividad Offerings 2023 /2024

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We are a South African Accredited Training Academy offering 500+ topics to individuals, SMMEs, companies and leaders

Our Goals
  • Help you identify what keeps you awake at night
  • Match the gap identified with relevant topics
  • Custom-make the intervention to fit your context and need

How we do this

  • To offer custom made skills training
  • To train yourself / staff to be ‘future prepared’
  • To bring (more) life to your current system

What We Offer

We offer advisory support to companies, organisations and individuals to rethink, revive, reaffirm or reinvent yourself, your product /service, approach to operations,structures, staff wellness. We assist you with individual /company skills audits, custom made training and skills development,starting courageous conversations and connecting dots between needs and interventions.

Reinvention = a systematic approach to thriving in chaos that includes ongoing anticipation, design and implementation of change via continuous sense-making, anticipatory and emergent learning, and synthesis of cross-boundary, cross-disciplinary, and cross-functional knowledge

Global Reinvention Academy – https://www.learn2reinvent.com/

Creatividad offers accredited training, capacity-building training with attendance certificates only, as well as custom-made offerings based on your needs.

Other Services include Skills Development, Accreditation Assistance and Project Management. We offer different services within the Skills Development Sector, including services as SDF, Facilitation, Assessment, Moderation and Quality Assurance.

700+ Delegates Trained since 2020 – Offerings

How and Where we Train

We pride ourselves to train where and how the needs are. Small or large groups, online, urban or rural – we meet our clients where it makes the best business sense. As far as possible, we contract local Subject Matter Experts to ensure indigenous knowledge and language.

We are as flexible as the needs of our clients

  • On your premises
  • We can rent a training room close to your location
  • We support Not-for-Profit organisations where possible to rent their training facilities to support their fundraising efforts

Virtual / Online Training

  • To save resources and time, we can offer online / virtual training sessions
  • Teams spread over distance can join the same training session

We are Asking a Few Questions in 2023 / 2024

To be future prepared, we need to embrace today’s realities, new needs and prepare ourselves for new ways of work. Creatividad is aware of the challenges individuals and companies are facing to make sense,
address and flourish in challenging work environments. We offer a fresh lens applied to everyday skills needed, added onto the unknown future of work and life.

  • What is needed today
  • What are the challenges
  • What skills are needed
  • What do we offer
  • What should we let go of
  • What should we do more of

Liezl van der Westhuizen

Liezl van der Westhuizen - CRP
Liezl van der Westhuizen – CRP

Liezl van der Westhuizen is one of South Africa’s Certified Reinvention Practitioners (CRPs) that graduated from the Global Reinvention Academy, offering strategic guidance.

What We Offer 500+ topics

Bring life to your system when & where needed

Business Related Topics include…

Diversity & Conflict Management

Relationship Management

People Management

Best Practice & Change Management

Results-based Management

Leadership Development

Performance Management

Soft Skills Topics includes…
Emotional Intelligence
Problem Solving & Critical Thinking
Time Management
MS Office Computer skills
Communication Skills
Personal Well-being

Other skills includes…

Finance for Non-financial Managers
Customer Care
Business Plan Development
Various Project Management Skills
Risk Management … and many more

Contact Us

If you need any skills audit, assessment of current suitability of training interventions, or custom made skills training programs for 2023 or contributions to your skills programs for 2024, please connect with us on director@creatividad.co.za.

We offer our services to Companies, SMMEs, Individuals and Teams in-person, online or a combination that works best for your organisation.

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